Roofs for the Roofless
Roofs for the Roofless

Roofs for the Roofless began in 1980 to respond to pressing human needs and to alleviate distress, which especially surrounded the underprivileged that lived in the villages around Chennai (formerly Madras) in South India. Definite practical schemes were developed to get people on the road to economic and social change through development programmes. By planning together with the villagers, the charity realised that taking power to the people was the only way to introduce and to consolidate long-lasting social, political and economic transformation.

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Today needs in education in the villages have changed and the vision of the founder of “Roofs”, Dr.Chandran Devanesen, to give employment opportunities to the rural people has been realised in the opening of a Rural Community College. The subjects taught under the life skills programme include Functional English, Inter-Personal Relations, Communication Skills and Basic Computer Applications. They also learn Life Coping Skills including crisis management, time management, stress management, and the concept of self and self-esteem, as well as how to cope with failure, criticism, loneliness, shyness, etc. and they now use their new skills in real life situations. With these new abilities, the students become fit for life and tremendous changes take place in them.
They become more flexible and confident enabling them to develop a process of behaviour that will modify their attitudinal changes. Roofs for the Roofless are happy that during this time they have brought a little joy to the young people of these rural areas and they hope that those who come out of this college will become harbingers of a new life filled with rainbows of hope.
Members of St Stephens can help a student through their course at the college by sponsoring their fees. It costs around just £120 per year to sponsor a student through the college and you are invited to sign up. Please see Brian or Suzy Micklewright or contact them through the church office for more information.


Ambassadors Presentation

Ambassadors Presentation

In the morning service on Sunday 6th June 2010, Brian and Suzy Micklewright were presented with a certificate from Roofs for the Roofless in Chennai, India, making them official Ambassadors for the charity. This honour is to acknowledge the hard work and dedication that they have given over the years to support and promote Roofs for the Roofless.

(For details about Roofs for the Roofless, see article below.)

Roofs for the Roofless letters

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