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The Church Army is a Society of Evangelists, linked to the Anglican Church but working outside church buildings and in partnership alongside other Chnstians. The Church Army trains and equips evangelists for challenging situations and to be salt and light for Christ across the United Kingdom and Ireland.

The Church Army is about sharing faith through words and action to transform lives by making Jesus famous. The focus is on the 7 out of 10 people who have little or no meaningful contact with church.

Making People Famous - Mark Russell introduces the Church Army. Look at the clip:

Admiral Nurses - Dementia Care UK

Admiral NursesAdmiral Nurses are specialist mental health nurses specialising in dementia. Admiral Nurses work with family carers and people with dementia, in the community and other settings. Working collaboratively with other professionals, Admiral Nurses seek to improve the quality of life for people with dementia and their carers. They use a range of interventions that help people live positively with the condition and develop skills to improve communication and maintain relationships.
Established as a result of the experiences of family carers, Admiral Nurses are named after Joseph Levy who had vascular dementia and was known as Admiral Joe because of his keen interest in sailing.
Dementia UK works in partnership with NHS providers and commissioners, social care authorities and voluntary sector organisations to promote and develop new Admiral Nursing services. The charity is responsible for upholding standards, sustaining service and supporting Admiral Nurses in practice.
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Kisiizi Hospital

Kisiizi HospitalKisiizi Hospital is a Christian hospital providing healthcare in the remote south western corner of Uganda, far away from big towns and the capital Kampala. Most of the patients can only afford to pay minimal fees and although the hospital receives some financial support from the Ugandan Government, it relies heavily on support from outside the country.
The hospital provides a wide range of services and one year treats over 6,000 in-patients and 34,000 outpatients.
We, as a church, have supported Kisiizi by sending money via the charitable Spencer Trust, set up in this country to raise funds for staff training.
Please pray for Kisiizi as it continues to develop new programmes to meet the needs of this poor remote region. Pray especially that the hospital will be able to attract and retain well-qualified staff.
Due to large import tariffs and restrictions imposed recently by the Uganda National Bureau of Standards, shipping clothing and other goods to the Hospital is no longer feasible. Unfortunately we will no longer be able to send banana boxes of clothing and goods to Kisiizi Hospital in Uganda. The recently packed banana boxes will now be sent to similar hospitals in either Zambia or Angola.
A mud slide has recently damaged the powerhouse at the Hospital see attached news sheet.
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