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Home Groups are small groups that meet in people's homes or in the church building and where it is possible to ask questions and share our beliefs and doubts about the Christian faith. It is here that we can learn more about God by studying the Bible and apply this to our daily lives as well as enjoying fun and fellowship in a safe and supportive environment. Details of dates when the groups meet can be obtained from the church office.

If you would like to join a home group - or start one of your own, why not contact the Vicar Revd Alan Smith or telephone him on 01634-305786.

Groups that meet during the day

Reflection Group led by Muriel Treacher meet on 1st and 3rd Mondays at 1.30pm in the Pastoral Room
Our Reflection Group (and guests) were invited to spend a day at West Malling Abbey, an occasion I always look forward to.
For a short while we shared the peace, tranquillity and the beauty of the abbey and were privileged to be invited to join the sisters at their midday prayers
Being St Lukeís tide we continued to look at Prayer & Healing. How blessed we were.
Barbara Brigden, for the Reflectionís Homegroup

Re-Discovery Group led by Hilda Macleod meet on 1st and 3rd Tuesdays at 10.30am at Davis Estate
Do you enjoy a cup of tea or coffee? A piece of cake?
That is how we start our Home Group sessions at Re-Discovery.
We meet at Hilda's home near the Davis Estate Community Centre on the first and third Tuesday mornings of each month.
After we have caught up with each other's news, we check out some of the Church news and events.
That could lead us to a discussion about 'the way we do things' in Church.
We enjoy having a DVD to watch and discuss.
At the moment we are trying to work our way through the Acts of the Apostles, reading about the events we saw portrayed in a film about St Paul.
There is room for a few more to join us. We are all elderly, but our minds and tongues have a lot of life left in them.
So, talk to Hilda or to the Office. Come for a trial visit.

Discovery Group
for young mums meets on alternate Friday mornings in the Upper Room from 10.30am to 12.30pm

Groups that meet in the evening (8pm)

Ray Mills' Group meets 2nd and 4th Tuesday

City Way
(Judy Etheridge) meets 1st and 3rd Tuesdays

Time Out
(Sue Chapman) meets every other Thursday
At the moment Timeout is searching for new members as the group has got very small.
We usually meet on a Thursday evening at a venue that fits in with memberís childcare needs.
We work in a collaborative way with everyone contributing as they feel able.
We use a variety of materials Ė often a York course - which provide a start for discussion and we take as long as we need to finish the material.
If you feel this approach may be for you have a word with Vincent Beaney, Helen Masters or Sue Chapman

Mustard Seeds
(Rosalind Smith) meets every other Tuesday in the Pastoral Room from 8pm to 10pm
Our group is quite large, currently about a dozen, and is made up of people who are fairly new to St Stephens. We vary from those who have been Christians for decades to those who are quite new in the faith. We have a wide age range but are happy to learn from each otherís experiences.
Our meetings generally start with refreshments whilst we get up to date with each otherís news.
We have usually worked through study books including those on Corinthians, Mark and Christian Disciplines.
We spend some time in prayer at the end of each meeting.
New members will be very welcome.


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